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Training and Teaching scholars and tutors to teach individuals challanged with dyslexia. Provide undergraduate and graduate level courses with certification in the use of Orton-Gillingham multisensory methods. Provide tutoring for individuals of all ages with dyslexia.

Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center provides the evidenced-based, multisensory and kinesthetic Orton-Gillingham methods of teaching to teachers, tutors, and students of all ages. Our competitive advantage is our location in central New York, and our affiliation with the State University of New York at Oneonta and their education department. Our accredited standards provided by certified trainers of the IDA and IMSLEC, validate and ensure our use of the highest standards available for working with individuals with dyslexia and language learning differences.

The services are provided at the SUNY Oneonta location by certified trainers, teachers, tutors and scholars. Teachers, tutors and scholars are certified after a year-long process of 45 hours of classroom instruction, 100 hours of supervised practicum working with clients one-to-one a minimum of 4 hours per week.

Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center provides the Orton-Gillingham multisensory method of working with students struggling with language learning differences. Orton-Gillingham, an evidenced based multisensory method, has been considered the gold standard for helping individuals with language learning differences for more than 25 years.

Certification is only granted to individuals after all standards and qualifications have been met. The highest quality services are guaranteed and quality control maintained by ensuring that all participants in the Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center program follow these standards.

Tutors in the Orton-Gillingham program under IMSLEC (the International Multisensory Structured Education Council) and IDA (The International Dyslexia Association), are required to participate in 45 hours of classroom instruction, 24 of which have to occur before beginning the 100 hours of required supervised practicum at the Center. A minimum grade of 85 was necessary for the tutor to receive certification. As you can guess, this is a very intensive program that takes approximately one year to complete.

In Orton-Gillingham lessons, the teacher uses the auditory, visual, and kinesthetic multisensory pathways of the student’s brain in order to enhance memory and learning. Rules and concepts of the language are taught and each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. The lessons are systematic and cumulative. Each lesson is based on what the child already knows and new material that has been presented by the tutor. New sounds and concepts are learned piece by piece through the direct instruction of a specially trained tutor. Previously learned material is always reviewed. The purpose of the instruction is to provide the child with a structure of the language that allows him/her to become an independent reader and writer.

Orton-Gillingham lessons always have direct instruction; they are systematic, sequential and cumulative using multisensory techniques. The lessons are always success-oriented, rule based and involve extensive review. It often takes tutors the full 10-12 months of training to achieve full competency in the lesson delivery which brings about great success for the child.

As you can see, there is no “quick fix” for dyslexia and associated reading difficulties, but we are trying, one child at a time, to do all we can to make reading and writing an attainable goal.

  • Would you like to help all of the children in your school experience success in reading without having to buy new reading materials?
  • Would you like to have all or most of your teaching personnel have the ability to help children who are struggling with reading, spelling and/or spelling?


I came to learn strategies to help my students with learning differences and have learned strategies to help all my students. First providing concrete examples, then moving to the abstract.
Lorrie Dykstra, Richfield Springs Central School, 3rd Grade
After being an educator for over 20 years, it was very astounding to learn some of the multisensory strategies with the reasoning behind the math concepts. I wish I had learned this in my undergraduate and graduate programs!
Marie McCrea, Schenevus Central School, Special Educator
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