"How Dyslexia Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur"   
Success Magazine - October 23, 2015
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"On the Bright Side: Groundbreaking Workshop Gives Area Teachers New Tools"   
The Daily Star - January 24, 2016
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TEDx Talk:
"Using Science to Challenge Conventional Misconceptions of Likely Causes & Possible Outcomes for Individuals with Dyslexia or LD."
TEDx Talk - December 4, 2015
  • 36 million adults in the US struggle with literacy
  • 15 million under the age of 18 struggle with literacy
  • Family history increases chances
  • 40% of children who are unable to read by the 4th grade will be on welfare at some point in their life.
  • 80% of the juvenile justice system have learning disabilities
  • 80% of high school dropouts have a learning disability
  • 50-80% of prison inmates are dyslexic
  • #1 killer of children is suicide - 80% of notes left behind are full of spelling errors


"I came to learn strategies to help my students with learning differences and have learned strategies to help all my students.  First providing concrete examples, then moving to the abstract." 
--Lorrie Dykstra, Richfield Springs Central School, 3rd Grade
"After being an educator for over 20 years, it was very astounding to learn some of the multisensory strategies with the reasoning behind the math concepts.  I wish I had learned this in my undergraduate and graduate programs!"  --Marie McCrea, Schenevus Central School, Special Educator
"The multisensory math presentation by Marilyn Zecher, and brought to SUNY Oneonta by Kimberly More of the Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center, LLC, was very informative.  The content can be applied directly to the classroom, general education and special education, and outside the classroom.  It also provided a very much-needed focus on dyslexia and helping all students with special needs.  I very much recommend this workshop to school districts, teachers and parents."  --Sharon Domine, Cooperstown Central School