Dyslexia Education Courses & Workshops

  Reading and Math Camp
presented by the
Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center!

"Hear It, See It, Say It, Touch It"
The center focuses on evidenced based "Multisensory" teaching strategies
that are beneficial for all students, but essential for some!
Engaging students through the use of the multisensory approach
makes learning and retention exciting...and fun!

Sessions :
July 10th - 14th
August 14th - 18th

Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 12Noon
Children 5 and up
$150 per session
"Learning is experiencing.  Everything else is just information." Albert Einstein
For more information contact:
Kimberly More
Leatherstocking Dyslexia Center
(607) 441-4050